TOUGHBOOK by Iqra Firdausy

New product from KINE syndicate has arrived! Check this out :)

Our intention remains the same, creating products that continue being sensitive to our mother earth. “Toughbook” is made from white ash plywood and then finished with water based coating to minimize the use of chemicals and minimize strong odor. You can still continue to use “Toughbook” even if the paper is used up. It simply because you can easily open the plastic rings and fill it with new papers. And remember, use paper wisely! Tons of paper goes to waste everyday. Collect old papers around you, use scissor or paper cutter to cut, use a puncher to make holes, and then put it in you “Toughbook”. It’s easy yet you make a simple small step to be good.

Cover : White Ash Plywood
Size : 160 x 220 mm
Layout : Ruled (Lined)
Pages : 50 Pages
Paper : HVS A5 80 Grams
REACH US | ; +62813 2256 2236 (daus)
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